7 Simple Upgrades to Refresh Your Bathroom and Look Your Best in It

Tips for upgrading a bathroom

A clean, refreshed bathroom plays a huge part in feeling fresh and ready to take on a new day — simply because your day starts in the bathroom. But does your current bathroom make you feel fresh and energized every time you step out of the shower? It’s time to revive a tired washroom with simple bits of style and character that won’t hurt your pocket! Check out these simple ideas for modern and functional bathroom renovations: 1. Coordinate Your…


Top 3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Remodel Needs a Professional Touch

Need of professional for bathroom remodelling

DIY projects sound like an exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty, flex your creative muscles, and see your favourite ideas from countless home decoration magazines come to life. But not every regular toolbox is up for remodelling projects, especially when the bathroom is involved. While it sounds like taking on a bathroom remodel on your own can save you…


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