How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

A future where homes are free of toxic materials, construction materials are fully recyclable and reusable, and we create more energy than we consume. That’s the vision of writer and green living expert Jennifer Roberts, author of the 2006 book Good Green Kitchens. Here are a few of her tips for integrating ecological design into your kitchen renovation plans. 1. Choice of wood When home owners are thinking about replacing the floor in their kitchen, they rarely consider the environmental…


5 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Organized

Organized Kitchen

Pots and pans, cooking gadgets, canned goods and baking supplies: altogether, it may seem impossible to keep this jumble organized in your kitchen. What’s more, the kitchen is usually a high-traffic room, where everything from the newspaper to receipts and loose change tend to pile up. Here are some tips on keeping your kitchen organized: 1. Floor-to-ceiling cabinet ideas If…


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