How to Spot Sinks That Will Go Out of Style Quickly

Kitchen Sink

Anyone who has ever undertaken a kitchen renovation knows that costs can add up quickly: in fact, the national average for high-end kitchen makeovers is now $53, 931 according to the Remodeling Magazine 2012-2013 Cost vs. Value Report. Because it is such a large investment, homeowners often want to ensure that their new kitchen will stand the test of time. Unfortunately what’s hot and trendy today may be out of Vogue as early as next year, making your kitchen look…


How to Design a Kitchen in a Bachelor Pad

Urban Loft

Whether you are a frequent cooker or seldom home for dinner, kitchen design is an important aspect of your décor. In small spaces, good design is especially important in making the most of the space. Once you have decided which functions are most important, it is time to pick a style. Traditional kitchens offer a warmth and cozy atmosphere that…


Creative Ideas for Decorating a Teenagers Bathroom

Decorating Teenager’s Bathroom

When redesigning your teenager’s bathroom, it’s a good idea to let them express themselves by having some say in how it will be decorated. Sit down together to determine the theme, color scheme, and organizational ideas to create a unique and functional space you can both be happy with. If you have more than one teenaged child and they share…


10 Things You Need in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Appliance

There are certain items that every kitchen needs, whether it is tiny or has lots of room to spare. In fact, the right tools will help just about anyone cook and prepare food like they were born to do it! Listed below you will find the top ten items – or types of items – your kitchen will need to…


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