What are the differences between Quartz, Granite, and Marble Counter Tops?

Kitchen Countertops

A new set of kitchen countertops can make a world of difference for increasing your home’s aesthetic and resale value, especially when you upgrade from laminate to stone. While durable and completely functional, synthetic materials tend to not offer nearly as many benefits as high quality granite, quartz, and marble. There’s a growing selection of countertop products, but stone will forever remain one of the top contenders. Many homeowners are apt to choose granite, and for all good reasons of…


Is a Home Renovation Tax Deductible?

Home Renovation Tax

You already know remodeling your home is one the most effective ways to increase equity and resale value, but what about that dreaded number game we all have to play at the end of the year? Can you write-off renovation expenses on your income taxes? And if so, what kind of deductions can you reasonably expect to receive? Can I…


How to Create an Efficient Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets are the coveted bedroom design element that many homeowners desire to have, mainly since they offer numerous benefits over their traditional counterparts. Extra storage space is obviously the most important of these, and having a designated place to get ready in the morning runs a close second. If you are planning on building a walk-in closet, there are…


3 Small Changes to Make Your Home Look Good as New

Interior Design

The best thing about being a homeowner is having the freedom to design and decorate your living space to your liking. As a tenant, you are at the mercy of a landlord when it comes to this sort of thing, which is why so many people are bound and determined to move away from the rental scene. That being said,…


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