11 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Spa

Adding Greenery To Bathroom

Considering the bathroom is likely to be the place you both start end your day, creating a space where you can feel at ease and relaxed is always desired. With a little help and advice, you can create a space that resembles a spa so relaxation is fely every time you enter the room. By adding greenery to your bathroom, not only do you create a more spa-like atmosphere, but you add freshness to the room. Choose plants that thrive…


Space Saving Solutions for the Kitchen

Space Saving Kitchen

The kitchen is one room guaranteed to be used every single day, and is often referred to as “the heart of the home.” Not only is the kitchen used for cooking, storing food and storing kitchen utensils and equipment, it is often used for socializing and gathering with family and friends. This makes it difficult to maintain a kitchen’s cleanliness…


Plants that Can Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Bathroom Plants

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire house. Considering what it is used for, you may be wondering how you can keep it smelling and feeling fresh. Other than using harsh cleaners and deodorizing sprays that only work for a limited amount of time, you can keep the freshness alive by…


Backsplash or Paint: What Does Your Kitchen Need?

Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is a well-used room in the home where food is created and memories are made. Since it’s one of the places both your family and your guests will spend a majority of their time, it’s important that you maintain the upkeep it properly! The moisture, odors, grease and food splatter end up taking over the room if it…


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