Using Pegboards in the Kitchen


Pegboards are often seen in workshops, older basements, and garages because they’re useful, flexible, and inexpensive. Considering how many different shapes of tools that are used in these settings, pegboards have been found to be an elegant solution to keeping it all organized. The pegboard has actually been adapted for kitchens many years ago, and to this day there are few options that are quite as versatile, unique, and visually appealing. How are pegboards different from hooks? Many of our…


Remodeling Baths with New Colour Combinations

Remodeling Baths With Colour Combinations

We believe in mixing colours to make something bold and personal, however not all combinations are winners. To avoid going too far off the beaten track, here are our recommendations for combinations that are completely unique and highly attractive! Soothing and mysterious Designers love mixing midnight blue, turquoise, and apple green for wallpapers and wall paints. The colours come from…


How to Fake a Larger Space

Light Colour Room

With housing prices as high as they are, many of us are making do with what we can. Luckily there are some tricks to making your room look and feel larger than it actually is. With some creativity, you’ll be able to pull them off to make your space look better than before. Paint the Ceiling By adding a point…


How to Best Arrange your Furniture

Furniture Arrangement

If you’ve ever walked into a house and left feeling like you need to make a serious change at home, it’s not always a matter of the cost or available space. Sometimes all it takes is a little reworking of furniture to give your space a completely rejuvenated feel! We’ve compiled some of the tricks-of-the-trade that set designers use to…


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