5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions for Your Home Kitchen

Cork Flooring

Environmentally-friendly home improvement products are becoming popular among modern homeowners. The trend towards using products that help preserve our environment while improving our home spaces has led to the introduction of several new materials within the home flooring marketplace. Within this post, we’ll examine 5 of the leading eco-friendly flooring products. 1. Cork Cork flooring is ideal for use in family kitchens as it features anti-microbial properties that can help to reduce the number of allergens within the home. Cork…


5 Tips for Renovating a Rental Property

Renovating A Rental Property

For those renting their property, it can be important to place a semblance of their own style within the home. But due to restrictions imposed by the landlord, renters may be prevented from achieving their ideal décor. Within this article, we’ll focus on 5 tips for renovating a rental property while keeping to all rental agreements! 1. Painting Assures Personal…


4 Tips for Using the Small Space within your Bathroom

Small Bathroom

With an ever-increasing number of Canadians committing themselves to the condo or apartment lifestyle, many are now trying to find the best ways to make use of the limited space available to them. It can be challenging to make a bathroom feel comfortable and appealing with a restrictive space to work with, but there are options available. Within this post,…


An Expert Guide on the Best Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Space

Paint Color For Kitchen

For those about to begin repainting their kitchen space, it might seem as if making a choice on the color of the paint is impossible. There is now a never ending selection of paint colors available for homeowners taking on home improvement projects. With a little expert guidance, homeowners can select the ideal tone for their design needs. Within this…


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