5 Budget Friendly Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Inexpensive Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home

There are affordable ways to leave a good impression on those who might want to buy your house. By knowing what will be a deciding factor for your potential buyer, you can choose to spend money on specific problem areas, which is a manageable goal when your home is competing with new houses and condos. Put your best foot forward with fresh paint Any home that’s been lived in will show evidence of use, especially on the walls and floors.…


4 Pinterest-Inspired DIY Traps To Avoid

Avoiding DIY Mistakes Inspired By Pinterest

DIY projects aren’t always successful, and the rate of completion varies with the difficulty and scale of the project. Even if you have the skills to finish the task, it may require so much labour that it will take longer than normal to finish. Read on to learn from the mistakes of others in your home improvement projects. Underestimating the…


Is Stone Tile A Good Choice For Your Renovation?

Is Stone Tile A Good Choice For Your Renovation

These days there are fewer people asking for natural stone tile for their kitchen or bathroom renovation. However, it does still hold some popularity and I think it is worth going over some of the basics of stone tile for those of you who are considering it. Most of my comments relate to all stone tiles but there are some…


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