Augmented Reality And Interior Design: Make Your Dream Home

Augmented Reality And Interior Design: Creating Your Dream Home

It’s difficult to know just what a custom kitchen design is going to look like until you’ve either seen it on the showroom floor, or it’s already in your house. Until now, that is. Microsoft has just revolutionized kitchen interior design, making it possible for homeowners to create mock-ups of their dream kitchens before those kitchens have even been assembled, an especially tool if they aren’t part of the showroom options. The secret to this new capability is HoloLens. HoloLens…


Modern Additions To Make To A Traditional Kitchen

How To Make A Traditional Kitchen Modern

It is a common fact that homeowners have to come to terms with: the kitchen is the most used room in the house. That means that when people come over, whether it’s simply friends or family, or people that may be interested in purchasing your home, the kitchen is going to receive a lot of attention. If you bought an…


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