Farmhouse Ideas For Your Kitchen

Farmhouse Ideas For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is widely regarded by interior designers as the most important room in the home. As a focal point of family life and entertaining, the kitchen says a lot about the owners and helps set the overall theme of the home. Kitchens should be welcoming and beg to be sat in, used and enjoyed. One of the most popular custom kitchen designs that speaks to all of the above is the farmhouse kitchen. Rustic, charming and built for utility,…


5 Best Colours For Traditional Kitchens

Best Colours For Traditional Kitchens

One of the major kitchen trends right now is redoing the kitchen for that traditional look that has been more or less phased out by modernity. Appliances, backsplashes and storage spaces are all part of the look, but one of the major components of that traditional kitchen feel is the colour scheme. It can be hard to get just the…


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