Shelving Ideas For Your Dry Bar

Dry Bar Shelving Ideas

The difference between a wet and dry bar is in the plumbing. A wet bar has a sink and drain, while a dry bar doesn’t. A dry bar can actually be made from anything, and basically it’s a piece of furniture that holds all things bar related, like bar tools, glasses and bottles. It can be either stationary or portable, so it can be located in any area of your home. Installing a dry bar gives you the chance to…


6 Ways To Bring Out The Old Charm Of Your Home

Highlight The Old Charm Of Your Home With These 6 Tips

Older homes can be stunningly beautiful. They have a character and charm all their own. The glamour of bygone days can be brought out in your older home in ways that will make guests wish it was their own home. If you’re one of the people lucky enough to live in a home or an apartment with old school charm,…


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