The Importance Of Continuity In Your Colour Scheme

Cohesion Of Color In Decorating

Colour continuity doesn’t mean using the same color scheme in every room of your home. What it does entail is a smooth flow of color from one room to the next. By choosing a color that connects your rooms, cohesiveness is simple to accomplish. If you’ve ever visited kitchen and bath showrooms, you’ve probably seen this type of decorating anchor. The Trick The colour you choose as the main color should be used in various shades in each room. For…


6 Ways To Incorporate Marble Elements In Your Home

Using Marble In Your Home

Marble can be lovely in a home, giving it an air of distinction, and a little goes a long way. Marble has long been associated with wealth and grandeur, and if you wish to give a room a special touch, marble may be the way to do it! Here are some ways you can introduce the timeless and classic look…


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