Key Guidelines for Framing a House

Tips for framing a house

When building a home from scratch, the first step is planning and preparation. Then comes excavation and building the foundation, creating the footings, waterproofing, drainage and other steps. Utility line installations for water, septic, electricity, internet, gas, and other lines also occur at this stage. It is then time for framing. This is the stage where the skeleton of the home takes shape. During framing, you can really begin to see what the house will look like when complete. There…


Top Tips for Home Renovation Budgeting

Budgeting for home renovation

One aspect of home renovation planning that can often be a source of stress and confusion is the budget. It’s fun to research materials, brainstorm ideas, and consider creative details such as colour, texture, and the overall theme. But when it comes to the budget, research can be much less fun and much more overwhelming. There are so many categories…


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