Renovating Your Bathroom? These Are the Best Shower Floor Materials

Best shower floor materials for your bathroom renovation.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest room in your home that makes the biggest difference during remodelling. As one of the leading bathroom renovators in Toronto, Avonlea Renovations understands what it takes to make your bathroom shine. For many homeowners, the best change you can make is changing your shower. Here, we’ll discuss the best shower floor materials you should consider for your big bathroom reno. Make a Statement with Natural Stone or Stone Resin Stone has been making a comeback as…


Why You Should Replace Galvanized Pipes

Why you should replace galvanized pipes

For Toronto homes built in the mid-1900s, galvanized pipes are a common issue. At the time, galvanized pipes were the best possible alternative to lead pipes, which were discovered to contaminate the water passing through them. Now, we realize that while galvanized pipes were the best solution for the time, they don’t work for modern plumbing. Anyone affiliated with plumbing…


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