Has COVID-19 Caused an Increase in Home Renovations?

Has COVID-19 caused an increase in home renovations?

Despite these unprecedented times, since the announcement of Phase 1, contractors have seen an increase in the number of renovation-related requests. This is a bonus for contractors that have been out of work for the past few months. Some of these inquiries have come out of pure necessity. However, in many instances, people have just spent so much time in their homes lately that they are ready to make a change. But this is not just about needing to switch…


Tips for Renovating Your Home During COVID-19

Tips for renovating your home during COVID-19

Despite these strange and unprecedented times, we have seen an increase in the number of renovation-related inquiries we have received (and they keep coming). This does not overlook the fact that we are still experiencing a global pandemic. It is easy to see that home renovation projects will continue to increase, but we must tread lightly now that construction activities…


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