7 Renovations That Will Boost Your Property Value

Renovation ideas for your property

Are you looking to increase your home’s property value? Here are 7 of the best renovations you can do to your home to make money on your next sale. 1. Flooring If you upgrade your flooring, you’ll see an immediate rise in property value. However, if you have existing hardwood floors that you can refinish, then do that! It will save you money. If you don’t want to go with hardwood, tile is a high-value product that also ages well…


A Quick Guide to Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovation tips

A kitchen renovation is one of the most popular home renovations. However, like any renovation, it’s a big job in terms of cost and project scale. Because of this, many homeowners don’t know where to begin.  Working with our team of experts, below we have compiled a quick guide for kitchen renovations to help you get started.  Services Offered by…


Renovating Your Bathroom? These Are the Best Shower Floor Materials

Best shower floor materials for your bathroom renovation.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest room in your home that makes the biggest difference during remodelling. As one of the leading bathroom renovators in Toronto, Avonlea Renovations understands what it takes to make your bathroom shine. For many homeowners, the best change you can make is changing your shower. Here, we’ll discuss the best shower floor materials you should consider for…


Why You Should Replace Galvanized Pipes

Why you should replace galvanized pipes

For Toronto homes built in the mid-1900s, galvanized pipes are a common issue. At the time, galvanized pipes were the best possible alternative to lead pipes, which were discovered to contaminate the water passing through them. Now, we realize that while galvanized pipes were the best solution for the time, they don’t work for modern plumbing. Anyone affiliated with plumbing…


8 Tips for Renovating your Old Home or Heritage Home

Tips For Renovating Your Old Home

Restoring a heritage property is no small job! However, when done right, renovations can turn a nightmare into a dream home. Below are some tips for renovating your old home. 1. Water damage is the enemy Water damage is serious! Water damage can have long-term effects — like dry rot and bugs. During your reno project, keep an eye on…


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